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Red Arrows!

One of our favourite days of the year for the Harbour Lights team. Red Arrows… busy and buzzing. It’s been a huge honour to be an official sponsor this year!

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School children now know their Haddock from their Hake

Check out the article in the Falmouth Packet!

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Dear gluten intolerant and Coeliac friends…

Dear gluten intolerant and Coeliac friends,

Providing delicious fish and chips that everyone can enjoy would be amazing but at Harbour Lights this isn’t possible at the moment and as such we do not sell gluten free (GF) fish & chips at Harbour Lights.

We have in the past been able to offer alternative batter that doesn’t contain gluten but due to the cooking process this cannot be sold as GF. We have worked closely with the Coeliac association to make sure we are fully informed about the storage, cooking, cross contamination restrictions and other processes we need to be aware of.

So when our talented gang are unable to take a GF order this is why. Rest assured they have our customers very best interests at heart, whether you prefer to reduce the gluten in your diet all the way through to the most serious cases of Ceoliac disease.

Our sister shop Fraser’s on the Prom in Penzance offers true and accredited (Ceoliac Association) gluten free fish and chip options… and they taste ‘ansome!

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HL A6 Ice Cream Menu

Ice Cream!

Our fabulous new ice-cream parlour has it’s first day open today! Come along and enjoy one for yourself on this gorgeous day…

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Fish Friday!

£1721 Raised for the Fishermen’s Mission!
We’re delighted to shout from the roof tops that £1721 has been donated to the Fisherman’s Mission. The monies raised came from 10% of the days takings from Fish Friday last week, the staff offering they tips and our collection through the year of 5p from every hot drink sold through the year.

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Fish, chips and beer...

Where are you going to eat your Harbour Lights fishy feast?

Eat in – sit back and enjoy the best restaurant harbour views in Falmouth
Take out – sat on the quay dodging seagulls? Feet up in front of the tele?
At the point? With a pint in the Front Bar beneath us?

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