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Discovery Week

Harbour Lights Celebrates Sea Food Week

To mark the occasion Harbour Lights in Falmouth will be showcasing the very best alternatives to our traditional fish and chip favourites of Cod and Haddock. Each day through the week that they are calling Discovery Week there will be a different Cornish fish on the menus of the takeaway and restaurant. Tom Rubensson explained ‘We appreciate habits are hard to change, but we would love our visitors to be brave and try something delicious and local. Each day a different fish will get our love and  attention and we will be offering it to our visitors to try and it will be offered at a rate to encourage stepping out of our comfort zones.’

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Fish, chips and beer...

Where are you going to eat your Harbour Lights fishy feast?

Eat in – sit back and enjoy the best restaurant harbour views in Falmouth
Take out – sat on the quay dodging seagulls? Feet up in front of the tele?
At the point? With a pint in the Front Bar beneath us?

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